Wamplers Lake






2018 Lake Association Application Form

Wamplers Lake Needs Your Support!

Help us maintain Wamplers Lake as a high quality lake, and make it the best it can be today and for future generations. Your support this year will help with the following:

• Maintaining property values
• Keeping invasive weeds out of the lake
• Maintaining water levels for safe boating
• Our work on lake issues with both townships
• Our requests to the DNR, most recently asking to dredge the channel at Hayes State Park, which was approved

We would like you to consider a membership in our organization and join your neighbors in caring for our lake for the minimal dues of $30.

• Lake manager cost
• Lake mailings
• Hiring of a water engineer to manage the levels of the lake (dam)
• Donation to Jackson & Lenawee Sheriff marine patrols
• Annual meeting to discuss lake matters
• New website monthly maintenance – Wamplerslake.org
• Annual picnic at Jerry’s Pub

The WLPOA (or Friends of the Lake) started in 1920. Association members have responded with sewers, the dam, weed control efforts, street paving and lighting, collaboration with State park officials and camp leaders, drainage concerns, geese and swan populations, and numerous other challenges benefiting all owners.

Our township officials from Norvell and Cambridge are continuing to work together to manage the 5-year Special Assessment District for Wamplers Lake ‘weed’ control.

Restorative Lake Sciences (RLS) will present options/scenarios for approval by our Lake Association and township officials. These partners will continue to work together to manage and oversee the project, including monitoring the budget and expenditures of funds. Lake data and treatment plans will be publicly posted on the RLS website. A treatment will likely occur by late May or early June by a vendor recommended by and overseen by RLS. Expect that treatment dates will be made obvious to us and also posted on the RLS website (www.restorativelakesciences.com). RLS wants everyone here at the lake to be well-informed.

What we do benefits the entire lake and all of those who support and enjoy it.

Best regards,

Stan Diroff (staridg@aol.com)
President, WLPOA