Wamplers Lake

Rules of the Waterways





1. In general, a person must be age 12 or older to drive a boat.
2. Safe boating certificates are required for operators younger than 16 years old.
3. Anyone younger than 6 years old must wear a type 1 or 2 personal flotation device.
4. It is illegal to operate a boat if ones blood alcohol level is above 0.07.
5. On inland lakes, boat traffic should move counter-clockwise.
6. Maintain a safe speed. Maximum inland water speed is 55 mph.
7. Powered vessels give way to a boat under sail, unless it is overtaking.
8. Watercraft operators must not exceed slow-no wake speed, if within 100 feet of shoreline, any moored or anchored vessel, a dock, raft, any marked swimming area or persons in the water.
9. It is illegal to operate a Persona Water Craft (wave-runner or jet-ski) after sunset until 8 a.m.
10. PWC operators travelling faster than slow-no wake speed cannot cross within 150 feet behind another vessel other than another PWC.
11. It is illegal to jump other vessels’ wakes, weave in congested waterways, or purposely drive toward another boat head on which requires the operator(s) to swerve at the last moment.
12. A boat must have personal flotation devices for all passengers.
13. Riding in the bow of a boat is illegal if the vessel is traveling faster than slow no-wake speed, unless the boat has bow seating.
14. Do not exceed noise decibel limits. 90 decibels at idle from 3 feet away or 75 decibels when measured from shore.
15. Use diving flag when diving. Boat operators keep 200 feet away from dive flags.
16. It is illegal to harass wildlife or disturb vegetation.