Wamplers Lake






A sign reads: “Life is better at the Lake, in any season.” Many of us truly believe that Wamplers-Logostatement.

The WLPOA (or Friends of the Lake) started in 1920. We are a group of volunteers that provide a resource to hear residents’ concerns, to pass along information on topics that may affect our lake and to be YOUR watchdog and voice within the townships we reside in. We are also active at the state level to respond to changes that may impact our riparian rights.

There are many existing challenges that affect our Michigan lakes, and new challenges will certainly be in our future. Association members have responded with sewers, the dam, weed control efforts, street paving and lighting, collaboration with State park officials and camp leaders, drainage concerns, geese and swan populations, and numerous other challenges. Our mission is to understand and address those challenges, and respond with what is best for our Wamplers Lake community.