Wamplers Lake

Wamplers Lake Has A New Lake Manager

The professional aquatic scientists at Restorative Lake Sciences (RLS) are looking forward to a successful aquatic plant management season on Wamplers Lake. We will first be on the lake to survey the entire lake for the presence of invasive aquatic vegetation and nuisance native aquatic vegetation and also prepare treatment maps for the aquatic herbicide treatment company, Aqua-Weed Control, Inc. RLS will be on the lake during the lake treatments in 2015 to oversee the treatment and assure that the lake treatment is conducted correctly and that aquatic herbicides are used only on target species. Our overall goal is to protect the aquatic plant biodiversity of the Wamplers Lake ecosystem while reducing the presence of invasive aquatic plant species such as hybrid watermilfoil, curly-leaf pondweed, and starry stonewart. All of these invasive species have been known to outcompete and smother favorable native species that are critical for a healthy lake ecosystem and fishery.

Hybrid water milfoil is tough to treat with aquatic herbicides and requires patience. It may respond to varying doses of different systemic herbicide products in a different manner each season and requires careful monitoring. Wamplers Lake is due to be surveyed in late May and treated initially shortly thereafter. There may likely be additional smaller treatments that follow in the later summer months.

At the end of the season, RLS will prepare a professional lake progress report that will be delivered to the Wamplers Lake Association and both Cambridge and Norvell Townships.

In addition, you can find updates to the aquatic plant management program at the RLS website under the “Wamplers Lake” page at:


RLS works on over 60 lakes throughout Michigan and also on lakes in Florida and other states. Our goal as a company is to work with local communities to develop sustainable, environmentally-friendly lake improvement strategies that are economical and give the best results. We are glad to be working with your community and will see you on the lake soon!


Jennifer L. Jermalowicz-Jones, PhD Candidate

Water Resources Director

Restorative Lake Sciences