Wamplers Lake


Wamplers Lake Boat Parade

Saturday, August 18

Jerry’s Pub

12:00 PM

Theme: Oh, These Irish Hills!
Decorate your boat and join in on the fun!




2018 Calendar of Events


June 16, 2018
Annual Meeting at 10 AM at Judson Collins Camp

June 24, July 29 & August 19
Free Boat Wash at Hayes State Park

Junse 23, 2018
Annual Lake-wide Garage Sale

August 18, 2018
Wamplers Picnic, 2 PM at Jerry’s Pub


2017 Aquatic Vegetation & Water Quality Report


Please click the link below to view:
Wamplers Lake Annual Report RLS 2017


Wamplers Lake


Wamplers Lake is located in Jackson County in the heart of Southeast Michigan. The surrounding area includes W.J. Hayes State Park and Jerry’s Pub, and offers a variety of fun activities and services for visitors, including beach access, boat launches, picnic areas, tube and paddle boat rentals, volleyball, and so on. It’s also within close proximity of Michigan International Speedway.

Wamplers Lake Property Owners Association – Who we are
The Wamplers Lake Property Owners Association (WLPOA) is a group of volunteers that provide a resource to hear residents’ concerns, to pass along information on topics that may affect our lake and to be YOUR watchdog and voice within the townships we reside in. We are also active at the state level to respond to changes that may impact our riparian rights. There are many existing challenges that affect our Michigan lakes, and new challenges will certainly be in our future. Our mission is to understand and address those challenges, and respond with what is best for our Wamplers Lake community.